Hungry Cats DO Have a Snooze Button — and It Works

Never again be forced out of bed by your hungry cat

Eileen Wiedbrauk


Feed me, human. | Photo by Peter Neumann on Unsplash

How many memes, cartoons, cute mugs, and gifs exist to lament the fact that a hungry cat does not have a snooze button?

It’s all a lie.

A hungry cat does have a snooze button. And activating it is only marginally more effort than hitting snooze on my phone alarm.

The Hungry Cat Predicament

First, let me tell you about my Fluffy Cat.

Fluffy Cat is older. Well entrenched in her habits. One of which is being a grazer.

She eats a little here. A little there. Comes back to the bowl in fifteen minutes or three hours. The concept of a set “dinner time” does not exist for her. This has been true since she was a kitten some 13 years ago.

If I remembered to top off the food bowl before bed, all was well. If I forgot, or there wasn’t quite enough to get her through the night, she would try to wake me up.

She would tap my face. Meow in my ear. Try to groom my hair.

That last one is the worst of all. Not only is she tugging on my hair, leaving it wet and nasty, but that slurpy spitty noise is inevitably happening right by my ear.



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