8 notification types to disable for increased productivity

Photo: milindri/Getty Images

The ding of an incoming email used to give me a panic attack. Who was it? What did they want? Did I need to drop everything and answer them?

Of course I did. They expected it. I was providing good customer service by dropping all my work, interrupting my flow…

Warm, comfy soup recipe reverse engineered from my favorite teashop

Image Credit: Article Author Eileen Wiedbrauk

My mother and I have a teashop habit. Or we used to before the pandemic —no new story there. We would meet up Our favorite was a small tearoom in Plymouth, Michigan, called Sweet Afton. Not only did they serve your table tea in a myriad of delicate, floral patterned…

Unique old-school sweet pickles you can’t find at stores

All photos by article author, Eileen Wiedbrauk.

There are two kinds of pickles in my father’s family: bread and butters, and buckles. As a child I hated all things pickled and thus never sought out what the distinction was. …

Great British Bake Along

Dessert week debacle— meringue nest filled with everything decadent slowly dissolves into disaster

Images by author: Eileen Wiedbrauk

The pavlova challenge. Or perhaps more aptly named, A Series of Bad Decisions. …

Stop undermining yourself when it comes to goals, failure, and follow-through

Image by pch.vector on freepik.com

I struggle with follow-through. Maybe this is your story too. Four months after starting the project, my half-bath remains half painted. I have good intentions. I have the skills — and when I don’t I’m good at researching and teaching myself (what my friends in education would call “self directed…

Capped with brown sugar and spices, pork loin makes an easy, foolproof roast

Roast pork loin with brown sugar spice cap. Image credit: Eileen Wiedbrauk.

Today I’m here to remind you that you are a good cook. If no one has said it to you yet today: you are a better cook than you think you are. Yes, you. And I know with 100% certainty that you can make this roast turn out.

Being a…

Great British Bake Along

It’s bread week! It’s bread week!

All images by Eileen Wiedbrauk and Dan Wiedbrauk

When it comes to bread, the only thing I love more than the smell of a loaf fresh from the oven is watching Bread Week on The Great British Bake Off. Yes, that’s right: I’m ranking TV shenanigans over an actual loaf. Sacrilege? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

As soon as the…

Great British Bake Along

Easier but harder, faster but slower than expected — new recipes, whatcha gonna do?

Image credit: Eileen Wiedbrauk

Life sometimes gets in the way of fancy baking. The week two goal of baking along with The Great British Bake Off stretched itself a bit into week three. So it goes. But at least my ear seems to have recovered (the bit of “life” that threw off my baking…

A fall star that shines through the entire holiday season

A serving of broccoli bacon salad on a white plate, with an obscured green hued background.
Image credit: Eileen Wiedbrauk, with an assist from Dan Wiedbrauk

According to my CSA, it’s been a good year for brassicas. I admit that I really have no idea what that means — there’s a reason that I’m a CSA member and not a home gardener — but I’m going to assume it has to do with weather conditions and…

Great British Bake Along

Bring on the biscuits! Crisp cookie challenge, here we come!

Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

Great British Bake Off, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. Or really, let me count the 12 to 24 biscuit minimum of this week’s challenge. …

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Writer. Geek. Coffee addict. Former editor. MFA grad. Odyssey Workshop alum. Library fangirl. Escaped cubicle minion. Home cook. On a mission for better health.

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